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Garuda Indonesia Amadeus Altea PSS

PSS Altea Garuda Tanpa Acces Code (Tidak usah buka email) Untuk mempermudah Staff Reservasi saat Login ke ALTEA, berikut Link Garuda Altea - Amadues yang tidak membutuhkan Acces Code setiap kalai pindah Komputer :

Link Garuda ALTEA

Untuk mempermudah Staff Reservasi saat Login ke ALTEA, berikut Link Garuda Altea - Amadues yang tidak membutuhkan Acces Code setiap kalai pindah Komputer :

Link Garuda ALTEA

Garuda Indonesia Amadeus Altea PSS

Untuk mempermudah Staff Reservasi saat Login ke ALTEA, berikut Link Garuda Altea Amadeus / passenger service systems (PSS) Altea Garuda / PSS ALTEA GARUDA yang tidak membutuhkan Acces Code setiap kalai pindah Komputer :

Pss Altea Garuda



Langkah :
1. Masuk ke Computer / Windows Explorer
2. Local Disk C / Data C
3. Windows
4. System32
5. Drivers
6. etc
7 Host di copy paste ke dalam etc / Copy and Replace

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Void Ticket Garuda (ALTEA)

How to void a ticket? HE TRDC (Entry Help)

1. Retrieve PNR                                                    RTG46GND

    RP/JOGGI2146/JOGGI2146           4C/GS   22NOV13/1001Z   G46GND
2   GA 434 V 23NOV 6 CGKLOP HK2 0520 2   0550 0855   *1A/E* --> Seg Lama 
3 APA 02183709044 TN TEBET CO GONDO
5 APM 085738244444 CO PAX 
8 FA PAX 126-4371367487/ETGA/IDR977800/22NOV13/JOGGI2146/15082830/S3/P1 

2. Display Ticket                                                   TWD/L8 (Dari data reservasi diatas,posisi tiket di Line 8)
3. Void or cancel a document                            TRDC
4. Return to PNR                                                  RT
5. Check coupon status must show V               TWD/L ....

Semoga cara Void Tiket Garuda Altea bermanfaat...

Spilt PNR Garuda (Altea)

 Cara Split Reservasi Garuda di Altea (Spilt PNR ALTEA) :

How to split a PNR ? HE SP (Entry Help)
1. Retrieve PNR
2. Names in PNR
3. Split passenger no.1
4. Add Received From
5. End and retrieve
6. Add Received From for the parent PNR
7. End and retrieve on the parent PNR

Remote PC (Software)

Untuk remote PC jarak jauh, PC yang akan di Remote dan PC yang Remote harus di instal Software Remote PC. Berikut Link untuk Software Remote PC (ShowmyPC dan TeamViewer):

Korek Mengorek di Ruang Tamu

Sabre Common Error & Troubleshooting

Berikut cara penanganan jika terjadi masalah pada Instalasi/Sistem Sabre.

Download Panduan :

Panduan Instal SABRE

Sebelum sabre ada beberapa nama yang mendahuluinya yaitu Abacus Workspace (AWS) tetapi sebelunya hanyalah nama ABACUS yang digunakan. Sabre adalah salah satu GDS (Global Distribution System) yang ada di Indonesia. Sistem/GDS Sabre digunakan untuk reservasi tiket Internasional. 

Berikut Langkah Instal Abacus / Panduan Install Sabre :

Manual Ticket – (RDP)

RDP (Rate Desk Priced) adalah istilah dalam Reservasi sistem Sabre untuk issed/Cetak tiket secara manual. Manual karena kita harus input semuanya secara manual.
Berikut panduannya :


Berikut untuk mempermudah teman-teman Reservasi dan Ticketing dalam hal Reissue Ticket di Sabre / Abacus Workspace :

Reissue Altea Garuda Indonesia

Berikut saya sampaikan langkah-langkah Reissue Altae Garuda Indonesia, semoga bermanfaat :

Reservation Quick Card (ALTEA GARUDA)

Reservation Quick Card Altea Garuda

1.       Availability Display (HE AN)
> AN01DECCGKPLM*14DECDual city pair with return journey
> AN1A10DEC MDCMIA/AGA,*S to display availability of alliance, exp: Sky Team
> SN01JANCGKSUB – schedule display
> TN30SEPCGKMES – timetable display
> MD - Move Down
> MU - Move Up

2.       Segment Sell (HE SS)
> SS1C2 - Sell 1 seat C Class on line no. 2
> SS1Y1*Y11 -  Sell 1 seat Y class on line no. 1 and line no. 11 (Dual city pair)
> SS1V1/PE - Sell 1 seat V class on line no.1 on priority PE waiting list
> SSGA206C23SEPCGKJOG1 - long-sell entry

3.       Segment Rebook & Cancel (HE SB, HE XE)
> SBY - change booking class of all segments
> SB15DEC 2 - change the date of segment 2
> XI – cancel whole itinerary    
> XE3 – cancel single segment

4.       Arrival unknown (HE SI)
> SI ARNK  - add arrival unknown segment

5.       Name Information (HE NAME)
> NM1HENDRA/HENDRAMR -  single name 
> NM1UU/SALLYMS - name with 1 character on last name, exp: Sally U
> NM1RAI/IGUSTINGURAHMRadult passenger
> NM2LUBIS/KENNYMR/RATRIMRS – adult passengers with same surname
> NM1ARFAN/POCUTMISS(CHD/10APR05) - Child name with date of birth
> NM1PITALOKA/DIANAYUMRS (INF/RENO/10JAN12) - Adult + Infant same surname
> NU1/1LUBIS/KEN MR - to update name element 1 to LUBIS/KEN MR

6.       Contact Information(HE AP)
> APH-JKT 62 21 500 888 - home contact
> APM-PLM 62 81234567890  - mobile contact
> APB-MES 62 61 420 555 - business contact
> APA-BDO 62 22 540 5012  - Agency contact

> APM-JKT 6281800008/P1 - associate to pax 1
> - email contact

Mandatory Element:
Notification information (APN) in case of Flight Modification/Irregularities (HE APN)
> APN-GA/E+emailaddress/P1 - for GA ATO/CTO
> APN-E+emailaddress/P1 - for Travel Agent

7.       Ticketing Arrangement (HE TK)
> TKOK  - tickets have been issued
> TKTL19SEP/1200  - specify  date & time
> TKXL20AUG/0900 - automatic cancellation at specific time

8.       Received From Information(HE RF)
> RFMRIWAN 628123456789

9.       End of Transaction (HE ET)
> ET  - End Transaction
> ER  - End Transaction & Redisplay PNR
> IG   - Ignore
> IR   - Ignore and Redisplay PNR
> ERK - change status from TK to HK & redisplay PNR
10.   PNR Retrieval (HE RT)
> RT1234AB to retrieve PNR by record locator  
> RT/NASUTION to retrieve PNR by surname
> RTGA207/20SEP-ALKAFF to retrieve PNR by flight, date, and surname
> RTM/GA-12345678 to retrieve PNR by FF nbr.

11.   Special Service Request (HE SR)
> SR VGML  - special service request, exp: VGML
> SRBSCT/S1-2/P2  - request bassinet for INF under P1 (ADT) name

12.   Other Service Information (HE OS)
> OS YY FREE-FLOW TEXT  - add other service information (Replace YY with Airline Code)

13.   Seat Map & Seat Request (HE SM, HE ST)
> SM3 - request a seat map for a specific segment from a retrieved PNR
> ST/W  - request a window seat

14.   Remarks (HE RM)
> RM FREE-FLOW TEXT - add general remarks
> RC DPSGA0111/VIP PLS ASSISTadd confidential remarks

15.   PNR Handling (HE PNR)
> RH -  display PNR history (HE RH)
> LP/GA866/30JAN -  retrieve passenger list by flight and date (HE LP)
> WRA/RT - print a displayed PNR (HE WRA)
> - email an itinerary (HE EML)
> SP3 – split pax 3 (HE SP)
> OP/TEXTadd option element (HE OP)

16.   Frequent Flyer (HE FF)
> FFDGA-123456789 - display a Frequent Flyer Name from The Airline's Database
> FFAGA-123456789 - create a FF SSR & Name Element        
> FFNGA-123456789 - create an SSR FQTV automatically if the Name Element is already entered in the PNR
> SRFQTV GA-GA123456789 - add SSR FQTV manually

17.   Itinerary Pricing (HE FQ, HE FXP, HE PRICE )
> FQDCGKDPS - Basic fare quote display
> FQDCGKBDJ/R,-IN fare display for infant
> FQN10 - display fare notes  from a fare display
> FXA - display lowest Available for an Itinerary
> FXP Price all passenger & segment with TST creation
> FQQ2 - display the fare component for fare on line 2

18.   Itinerary Pricing (HE FQ, HE FXP, HE PRICE )
> TQT - display TST or  TQT/T1 to display TST 1
> FXT2- select and store TST on line 2
> FQC100USD/IDR- convert specific amount, using a currency code

19.   Form of Payment (HE FP)
> FPCASH - payment by cash
> FPCCCAcreditcardnumber/1013/IDR550000 /N1234567 payment by credit card, 1013 is the card validity and N1234567 is approval code from bank

20.   Issue Ticket (HE TTP)
> TTP  - basic entry to issue ticket
> TTP/RT  -  issue and redisplay PNR
> TTP/ITRissue ticket and print ET ITR
> TWD - display ticket when there is only one FA or FHE element in the PNR
> TWD/L10 -  display ticket on FA line 10
> TWD/TKT126-1234567890 -  display ticket by ticket number

21.   Ticket Re-Issue (HE REISSUE)
After making the necessary itinerary changes, to re-issue with no additional collection, enter:
1)   TTE/ALL to remove TST
2)   FXP to reprice
3)   TTK/EXCH/Tx to process the exchange TST no X
4)   TTK/L1/VXX10JUN to update ticket validity
5)   FO 126-9699001071 E1JKT01MAY13
/15058607 to add original ticket number and additional ticketing information

22.   Ticket Revalidation (HE REVAL)
After updating the PNR, to revalidate ticket enter:
> TTP/ETRV/L10/S5-6/E3-4  to revalidate e-ticket
L_ (line number from FA or FHE from that ticket number
S_ (line number from segment in PNR)
! Revalidation can only be performed by GA ATO/CTO.

23.            Electronic Miscellaneous Document (HE EMD)
1)SR XBAG - add SSR Excess Baggage
2)TMC - create TSM-P
3)To view TSM enter TQM
to add fare,  coupon value and FOP
5)TMI/KG-5/ER-IDR10000 -  update XBAG amount
6)TTM/RT - issue EMD

24.   Refund (HE REFUND)
> TRF126-1234567890 to display refund record
> TRFU/CP100A to insert charges
> TRFP  to process the refund

25.   Void Ticket (HE TRDC)
After displaying e-ticket with TWD entry, to void ticket enter: > TRDC

26.   Encode/Decode (HE DECODE)
> DNA GA   or   DNA GARUDA  - encode/decode airline name
> DAN MEDAN  - encode a location name
> DAC PLM - decode a location name
> DC FRANCE  or  DC FR - encode/decode country

27.   Queue Handling (HE QUEUE)
> QE1C0 - place queue to 1 Category 0
> QTQ - display total queue count
> QC8 - display queue 8
> QS8C1D1 - start queue 8 category 1 date range 1
> QI - ignore queue
> QD - delay queue and move to next queue without actioning

28.   Convert Date / Time (HE DD)
> DD – display time
> DD JKT – display local time
> DD ZZZ 1500/ JKT - convert GMT time to Local time
> DD 25DEC/-30 – find date 30 days prior
> DD 25DEC/45find 45 days in future

29.   Flight Information (HE DO)
> DO 3 – display flight information from sector 3
> DO GA822/20Jul – display fight information for specific flight or date

30.   Minimum Connecting Time (HE MCT)
> DM3/4 - show connecting time between sector 3 & 4
> DMDPS – show connecting time in DPS airport           
> DMGA/AMS/KL – show connecting time in LHR from GA to KL

31.   HELP
> HE/  - Help for the last transaction entered
> HE ELECTRONIC - Help for a specific topic
> HE STEPS - Help for Step INDEX
> HE FQD - for a specific transaction

32.   Amadeus Information Pages
> GG AIS - display AIS INDEX
> GGAIR GA – display airline information
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